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To the largest vintage boat club in the world!


To the largest vintage boat club in the world!

Welcome to its Northern European Chapter!

Since its foundation in 1975, The Antique and Classic Boat Society, Inc. (ACBS) has grown to become the largest voluntary association in the world dedicated via chapters to the preservation and enjoyment of classic boats in diverse regions. The ACBS includes all styles of classic boats, whether made of wood, fiberglass or steel.

We admit that many of our members are big fans of the classic, so-called runabouts, i.e. mahogany motor boats between 4-15 meters with one, two or even three cockpits. Nevertheless, we are a very open-minded boat club and are always happy to welcome to any kind of classic boat fans, no matter where the focus of interest lies in classic boats at the end.

The Classic Boat Club of Northern Europe is the latest ACBS chapter, founded in May 2023, and supports all classic boat fans throughout Northern Europe. ACBS Nordic, as we call it in short, currently focuses on the countries of Finland, Germany, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden - although we are also very happy about new members from BeNeLux and Denmark as well of course. In addition, we are very proud and happy to have members from France and the USA as our pioneers at the start of the club as well.

With approx. 5,500 members worldwide, ACBS connects people across national borders who have a common interest in classic boats and thus builds and exchanges friendships, information, experiences and ideas about these beautiful boats. Each year the various ACBS chapters organize more than 100 classic boat shows, boating events and meetings.

In 2011, the first and so far only European Chapter was founded in Bordeaux, France, and since then has existed in parallel and in friendship with the local boat club in Bordeaux.

Now, in early 2023, a small group of classic boaters from northern Europe have opened a new chapter in the ACBS history, bringing the northern European classic boat clubs closer together.

Be excited about everything that we are planning in the coming years and become part of a large community.

Your team of ACBS Classic Boat Club of Northern Europe

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